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바이오, 제약, 식품, 화학 등 다양한 분야에서 사용되는 Microfluidizer High Shear Processor 의 Application 을 소개합니다.

Bio - Pharmaceuticals
Iron oxide powder dispersed in a toluene/water mixture
Penicillin suspension
Ophthalmic suspension
Yeast cell disruption
S. pombe yeast cells dispersed to 50 wt% in buffer solution
E. Coli suspension
5% Phthalocyanine blue pigment dispersion
Liposomes that contain a drug for use in a topical cream
Lipid emulsion
25% drug slurry to be delivered orally
2% Budesonide dispersion in water
Drug nanosuspension
Water based silica (15% solids)
Dispersed titanium dioxide in water for use in specialized coatings
A dispersion of 25% wt. graphite powder in water
Fatty acid ester emulsion for mold release
10% suspension of Germania, GeO2, in isopropyl alcohol
Conductive polymer dispersed in solvent
Carbon Nanotubes
60% Bisphenol epoxy resin/water dispersion
Water based pigmented inkjet ink (magenta)
Solvent based carbon black dispersion
Water based yellow pigment dispersion (25% solids)
Organic calcium salt in submicron particles 38% solids
Cosmetic Emulsion
Petrolatum in a water emusion
A perfluorocarbon emulsion containing 2.50 parts water : 1part oil by weight
Liposome and vitamin E mixture
Plant cells (microccocus luteus) (~2%) dispersed in water
Anti-wrinkle cream
2% oil in water emulsion
Algae in water
Flavor emulsion
Oil and water emulsion
High protein/fiber drink
Lutein preparation
Oil encapsulation
Liposomal Vitamin C

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