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영진코퍼레이션 종합카다로그
Robust and Effective Base Medium for Infection and Stable Expression
- HEK Media and Feed Portfolio (brochure)
- Protocol HEK GM Media (protocol)
- The Journey to AAV Production in Suspension - Scaling-UP Your Process (application note)
- Navigating Upstream AAV Production for Gene Therapy Manufacturing (white paper)

complete chemically defined, animal-component-free and hydrolysate-free medium
suspension culture 에서 recombinant proteins 과 antibodies 생산을 위한 세포 배양에 최고의 효율을 보이는 culture media
HEK293 세포와 다른 human cell lines 에 대한 infection 효율성이 매우 탁월한 media
중간 정도 level 의 nutrients 과 growth factors 함량을 가지고 있는 media
thawing, expanding, pre-complexing DNA, transfecting 그리고 producing 과 같은 거의 모든 단계에서 동일한 media 로 사용가능한 media
다른 serum-free media 에서 배양한 세포도 adaptation 과정 필요없이 배양 가능한 media
seed train culture 에서 suspension cell 의 성장을 안정적으로 유지시켜주는 media
w/ HT (hypoxanthine/thymidine)
w/ growth factor
w/o L-glutamine
DIN EN ISO 9001 와 DIN EN ISO 13485 에 의해 Quality 승인

Ordering Information
HEK GM Media
Media Description Format | Quantity | Package Order Number
HEK GM Robust and effective : Selected for stable expression with HEK cells Liquid | 1 L Bottle 851-0001
Liquid | 10 L Bag 851-0010BAG
Liquid | 20 L Bag 851-0020BAG
Liquid | 50 L Bag 851-0050BAG
Powder & Supplement | 10 L Container CQV3FB4002
Powder & Supplement | 100 L Container CQV3FB4004

HEK Media Sample Kits
Media Description Format | Quantity | Package Order Number
HEK293 Media Sample Kit To select the best fit media for the application and the feed Liquid | 4×1 L Bottle CFV3FB4000

Technical Specifications
Attribute Growth
/ Thymidine
/ Comparison
Production Methods
HEK GM With With Stable/Robust
High nutrient level
Stable expression
HEK ViP NX Without With Highest nutrient level Transient transfection
Stable expression
HEK ViP NB Without With Medium nutrient level
Leanest formulation
  (lowest number of components)
Transient transfection
Stable expression
HEK TF With With Broad application Transient transfection
Stable expression
HEK FS_2 Feed Without With Feed Supplement to boost the productivity of the HEK media Transient transfection (use from 4-6 h post-transfection)
Stable expression

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