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Required Optional Not Required Compatible
  Application Reagent Consumable Software
Compatible Instrument
SX5 S3 SX1
  Cell Health
  Proliferation :
  Label-free, Confluence
  Label-free, Cell Counting
  Fluorescent Labeling, Cell Counting
  Cell Cycle
  Mitochondrial Membrane Potential
  ATP Metabolism
  Advanced Label-Free Classification Analysis
  Cell Function
  Immune Cell Killing
  Antibody Internalization
  Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry
  Kinase Activity
  Neuronal Activity
  Cell Movement and Morphology
  Chemotaxis Migration and Invasion
  Scratch Wound Migration and Invasion
  Immune Cell Activation and Proliferation
  Neurite Outgrowth
  Advanced Label-Free Classification Analysis
  Assays for 3D Models
  Spheroid Growth (Single and Multi-Spheroid)
  Spheroid Invasion (Single Spheroid)
  Spheroid Immune Cell Killing
  Organoid Culture QC
  Organoid Assay

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