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Cat. No.
Software Module & Description
BA-04871 Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Simplify the complexity of classifying live versus dead cells using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven image analysis without the use of labels. Requires a GPU co-processor installed as a drop-in hardware upgrade to the controller and Incucyte® Software v2022B or newer software version.
Incucyte® AI Confluence Analysis (update for Incucyte® Base Analysis Software) 견적요청
AI-driven analysis provides a simple workflow for highly accurate segmentation of cells in phase-contrast images, adapting to a wide range of cell types and morphologies with minimal user input. Incucyte® AI Confluence Analysis is available with Incucyte® Software v2022A or newer software version
BA-04867 Incucyte® Advanced Label-Free Classification Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Perform counts and track changes in adherent cell morphology via label-free image segmentation and multivariate analysis of cell shape. Classifier is trained using control wells. The Incucyte® Advanced Label-Free Classification Software Module is an add-on and requires Incucyte® Cell-by-Cell Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0031).
9600-0031 Incucyte® Cell-by-Cell Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Perform label-free cell counts and subsequent cell-by-cell classification based on shape, size or fluorescence intensity to quantify dynamic changes in cell subsets within heterogeneous living cell cultures.
9600-0034 Incucyte® Organoid Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Characterize the differentiation and maturation of organoid cultures in 24- or 48-well plates and assess treatment effects on organoid growth in 96-well microplates.
9600-0019 Incucyte® Spheroid Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Analyze growth, viability and invasion of single spheroids in round-bottom multi-well formats or measure multiple spheroids in flat-bottom plates to detect changes in growth and viability.
9600-0032 Incucyte® Neuronal Activity Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Purpose-built acquisition and analysis software for the detection of calcium oscillations in 96-well plates. For use with the Incucyte® SX5 configured with the Green/Orange/NIR Optical Module.
9600-0010 Incucyte® Neurotrack Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Enables label-free or fluorescent analysis of neurite outgrowth, maturation and disruption in each well of a 96- or 384-well plate.
9600-0015 Incucyte® Chemotaxis Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Track and quantify label-free and fluorescently-labeled chemotactic cell migration and invasion in microplate format.
9600-0012 Incucyte® Scratch Wound Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Automated detection and quantification of wounds from each well of a 96-well plate in order to analyze cell migration and invasion with or without labels.
9600-0033 Incucyte® ATP Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Enables analysis of ATP dynamics by capturing fluorescent images while qualitatively monitoring associated changes in cell morphology in each well of a 96- or 384-well plate. For use with the Incucyte® SX5 configured with the Incucyte® SX5 Metabolism Optical Module.
9600-0011 Incucyte® Angiogenesis Analysis Software Module 견적요청
Identify and analyze the formation and disruption of endothelial vascular networks over time in each well of a 96-well plate.

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