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IncuCyte® Antibody Internalization Assay
Cell Invasion: Simplified Protocol
IncuCyte® CytoLight Rapid Reagent Cell Labeling Protocol For the cytoplasmic labeling of cells
IncuCyte® Cytotoxicity Assay for the Fluorescent Quantification of Cell Death
IncuCyte® Immune Cell Killing Assay for Measurements of Tumor Cell Death
IncuCyte® Immune Cell Killing of Tumor Spheroids Assay for Measurement of Immune Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity of Tumor Spheroids
Incucyte® Label-Free Cell Proliferation Assay for Counting and Confluence Measurements of Adherent or Non-Adherent Cell Lines
IncuCyte® Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry Assay for Cell Surface Marker Analysis
IncuCyte® Multi-Spheroid Assay for the Quantification of Multi-Spheroid Growth and Health on a Layer of Matrigel®
IncuCyte® NETosis Assay for the Quantification of Programmed Neutrophil Death
IncuCyte® Nuclight Rapid Red Cell Labeling for the nuclear labeling of cells
Incucyte® Organoid Culture QC for the Quantification of Organoid Growth in Matrigel® Domes
IncuCyte® pHrodo® Bioparticle® Phagocytosis Assay for the quantification of phagocytosis of bacterial or yeast pHrodo® Bioparticles®
IncuCyte® Reporter Gene Assay
Incucyte® S3 Neuronal Activity Assay for the kinetic quantification of neuronal activity and functional connectivity
Incucyte® Scratch Wound Assay for the Measurement of Invasion or Migration Into a Wound Region
IncuCyte® Single Spheroid Assay for the Quantification of Cell Viability and Spheroid Size
IncuCyte® Single Spheroid Invasion Assay for the Quantification of Tumor Spheroid Invasion into Surrounding Matrigel®
Product Guide
Incucyte® Annexin V Dyes for Detection of Phosphatidylserine Exposure
Incucyte® Caspase-3_7 Reagents for Detection of Apoptosis in Live Cells
Incucyte® Cell Cycle Lentivirus Reagents (EF1α, Puro)
Incucyte® CytoATP Lentivirus Reagent Kit (EF1α, Puro)
Incucyte® Fabfluor-pH Antibody Labeling Reagents for Antibody Internalization Assays
Incucyte® MMP Orange Reagent Kit for Measurement of Mitochondrial Membrane Potential
IncuCyte® NeuroPrime Kits for Measuring Neurite Outgrowth
Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents for Nuclear Labeling of Live Cells

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